Why An Accountant For a Small Business Matters


We all have a “go-to” person to help and give advice when needed. We go to doctors when we are sick and in need of medical advice concerning our health. We have mechanics to fix our car when it breaks down. Small business owners are no different. It’s crucial to partner with an accountant, to help run their business efficiently.

Running a small business is hard work. Keeping up with tax law and accounting, while running your business, is difficult if not impossible. Accounting and finance are challenging topics, that are best left to a professional accountant. Whether payroll, end-of-year taxes, or how to plan for the future, an accountant can help you navigate these unknown waters.

Here is how an accountant can help YOU as a small business owner:

An Unused Resource

Accountants are the “go-to” for tax-related questions and advice you have as a small business owner. Instead of just “Googling It” and finding out the information yourself, reach out to an accountant for help. They are familiar with the ever-changing tax laws and how rules can affect you as a business owner. The cost associated with an accountant is much less than making costly mistakes.

How Can an Accountant Help Your Small Business

When first selecting a business structure (i.e. partnership, LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.) The way you set up your business impacts how much taxes you will pay, paperwork to start, and personal liability. An accountant can help you structure your business, in a way that will benefit you.

Accountants Can Help With

An accountant can help with starting and optimizing your budget and cash flows. They can help plan a path to pay off debts and set you on the right path for success. Setting up and processing payroll is another challenging aspect of running a business. An accountant can help with deductions and withholdings, based on your employee’s elections. Accountants can also help with tasks such as accounts payable and receivable, business advice, and so much more.

If you are a small business owner and need help, please contact SWVA Tax and Accounting at 540-250-3198. We’ll run the numbers, while you run the business. Don’t make a mistake that can cost you thousands of dollars in taxes. We can help you with these decisions so your business can thrive in these unknown times. Please call SWVA Tax and Accounting at 540-250-3198 or visit us online at www.swvatax.com

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