Which QUICKBOOKS is BEST for your business?


Why the
right version of QuickBooks is so Important

business owner isn’t busy running their business? There is always so much to do
with so little time to do it. There are so many things to keep track of and to
stay up to date on. Just doing your own companies’ payroll and bookkeeping is a
job in itself. Well we want to be able to help with that. I am sure if you are
a small to mid-sized business then you have heard of the payroll and
bookkeeping service called QuickBooks. If you have not, QuickBooks is an
accounting software program that is geared towards small to mid-sized business. 

QuickBooks offers a number of
services to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. They offer
four different packages all focusing on different areas of business. Picking
which package you need may be the hardest thing to do in the process of
operating QuickBooks. The four packages include the Self-employed package,
Simple Start, Plus Version, and Advanced Version.

The Self-Employed package is the most
basic package offering services to do the following: track income and expenses,
capture and organize receipts, estimate quarterly taxes, invoice and accept
payments, track miles, and run basic reports. This version allows you to do the
basic functions any small business needs. The next package is the Simple Start
package and it allows you to do everything that the basic package does. The
biggest change in these two packages is that the Simple Start package allows
you to be able to: send estimates, track sales and sales tax, and manage 1099
contractors. The Plus package offers all that the other two do as well. The
biggest difference for it is that it allows you to manage and pay bills, track
time, allows 5 users on the account, track project profitability, and track
inventory. The last package which is the Advanced package does everything listed
for the others. It also allows you the ability to: look at business analytics
and insights, batch invoices and expenses, customize access by roll, dedicated
account team, on-demand online training, restore company data, automate

That is a lot of services and its
very hard to know just exactly which version your business would need. Messing
up bookkeeping records is one of the most costly and timely things that can
happen when operating a small business. You can focus on your businesses purpose
instead of having to worry about payroll, reconciliations, 1099 forms, tax
deductions, managing and paying bills, tracking miles, ordering reports,
invoices, and estimates. Do not let these things take away from the purpose
that you have with your business. That is why partnering with your accountant
and tax firm is so crucial. It makes tax preparation so much easier, effective,
and efficient. You could save so much money by allowing your accountant access
to your QuickBooks account, and who doesn’t like to save money? Let your local
accounting office do this for you, so you can focus on what really matters YOUR
BUSINESS. Give Elisa at SWVA Tax a call today. She is certified in QuickBooks
and offers QuickBooks training.

Like we have said QuickBooks is a
great tool but at the end of the day it is only as good as the user. Call SWVA
Tax & Accounting for help with your QuickBooks problems so they can provide
a solution. Whether it is set up, payroll, bookkeeping, or taxes, we can get
the job done. We will run the numbers, while you run the business. Reach out to
SWVA Tax & Accounting so can learn more why QuickBooks is a sound business
investment. Call 540-250-3198 today to schedule a QuickBooks appointment with
SWVA Tax & Accounting or book an online appointment at

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